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Remodeling Projects in Springfield, Illinois

When you have your home remodeled it can be a major process. While some may choose to update their floor or repaint their walls and cabinets, you can also go the extra step and improve your infrastructure. This helps add value to your home while simultaneously creating a space for you to enjoy. Several remodeling projects may require the professional services of an experienced tradesmen, like a plumber. The good news is, Smith Plumbing, Heating & Cooling have significant experience installing plumbing fixtures for remodeling projects in Springfield, Illinois.

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20+ Years’ Experience

We bring professionalism and expertise to every project. We have over 20 years of experience, you can trust that your project will be completed correctly and to your satisfaction.

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24/7 Emergency Service

We understand that emergencies happen, and they don’t always occur during business hours. Therefore, we are proud to offer our customers service 24-hour, 7-days a week!

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Turn-Key Operation

When choosing our company, there is no need for sub-contractors. We do the work of many companies so your remodeling can be done efficiently without cutting corners.

Move Pipes & Fixtures

All homes have some type of plumbing fixtures in their laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Additionally, pipes run throughout your home to deliver water to your exterior faucets. Just because a certain room in your home doesn’t have water, doesn’t mean that there aren’t plumbing pipes under the foundation of your home as well as in your walls and ceilings. This allows your plumbing system to deliver water whenever it is needed, all throughout your home. Certain remodel jobs may require to you remove walls that have plumbing pipes, relocate plumbing fixtures, and bring water into new rooms. Smith Plumbing, Heating & Cooling provide remodel plumbing services to those in the Springfield, Illinois area.

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Add New Water Features

In addition to moving your plumbing pipes and fixtures, Smith Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can also add new water features to your home. For instance, if you want a wet bar in your basement, you might need to have pipes for your sink and ice maker. Maybe you want a walk-in shower for your new master bathroom. The same way that an electrician is needed to install electricity into new spaces, a plumber is needed as well. Smith Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can help!

Replace Existing Plumbing Fixtures

In addition to installing new pipes and water features for your remodeling project, you may want to replace your current plumbing fixtures. This can range from your toilets, shower heads, sinks, and faucets. You may want to have more stylistic choices that offer great energy-efficient benefits to help you conserve water, the choice is yours. The good news is, Smith Plumbing, Cooling & Heating can replace your existing plumbing fixtures and has a range of choices for you. We guarantee to have something that suits your needs!

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About Smith Plumbing,
Heating & Cooling’s History

Smith Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling has been family owned and operated for over 27 years, bringing their knowledge and experience to residents throughout the Central Illinois area! We are fully licensed, certified, bonded, and insured so you can rest assured that you’ll be protected.

Trust Our Licensed Professionals

Offering 24-hour service, we’re available whenever disaster strikes. Our plumbing services are second to none in the region. Additionally, when area residents need heating and cooling service, they turn to us as well. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we’re the area’s preferred professionals. Contact our courteous staff today to get the repairs, service, or installation you need!

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Kelly GustDecember 23, 2019
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We called Smith today when my husband accidently broke a pipe trying to swap out a faucet (oops!). They were here in less than 30 minutes and had the whole situation solved in an hour! Fast, good service, and good value! Thanks Smith Plumbing!